Photo by my friend: Jen O’Sullivan

Photography is my passion. Art is my muse.

I like to tell stories… visually, of course! And I love to capture moments of life…one snapshot at a time.

I consider this a gift from God and something I must share with you.

I want my vision to be in sync with yours, so we can produce a timeless collective of fine memories.

I don’t know what your story is, or what series of life events have brought you here to cross paths, but I do know that I will be honored to be your photographer.

Even though I have not met you, I strongly believe in the law of attraction. From my experience, I know there is something very unique and powerful within you. Our energy will create something wonderful and something beautiful. This combination of inspirations is something I want to capture.

I believe that everyone who loves looking at photographs is a secret admirer of the human soul. I know I am. And I hope you will see this in my vision of you. Personal photographs that will be my newest and best work.

My objective is to give you pictures that celebrate your life and document your happiness. And along the way, my intent is to produce a series of stunning images that I am proud of because I get to say this is my art. A labor of love in exchange for your trust.

– Luis